Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 27, 2022

April 2011

Volume 29, Number 4

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Wrist-top coaches

For the beginner If you have yet to discover where running will lead you, consider the Garmin Forerunner ...

Travel News

The best hostels in Europe

There are hostels and then there are hostels, the latter kind being the ones that really give you ...

Ireland comes out swinging

We’re far from golf know-it-alls, but what we do know is that this is the time of year ...

The art of reinvention

Who needs souvenir shops? Prague’s Golden Lane certainly doesn’t. That’s why the adorable alley of 16th-century miniature homes ...

Now accepting anyone: Oxford University

You might want to finance your kid’s trip to Europe after all — if he or she is ...

Of pilgrims and Poles

Going to Rome in May? Good luck. There are going to be millions of pilgrims there to attend ...

Travel Deals

Bye-bye roaming charges

If you’ve ever used your cell phone while travelling, you may know how financially painful roaming charges are. ...

Pay less in London

When in London, get an Oyster Card — which you should buy before you arrive — to use ...

Rome rental site lists apartments where a family of four can stay for less than €100, as well as villas ...

Best fries in Brussels?

Don’t even consider going to Brussels and leaving without trying the city’s famous fries. In fact, if it ...

A Capital of Culture sleep

Planning a visit to Tallin in 2011 while it's a Capital of Culture? Check out the Von Stackelberg ...


La Vie en vert

Take a swing on France’s finest and most formidable fairways in Normandy and Brittany

Pillow talk

Five charming hotels that have upmarket looks at downscale prices

Where to eat when in... Tuscany

Two FMs take a nail-biting drive through the hills of Arrezzo to reach an authentic eatery

Northwest Territories lodge

A cushy log building in Norman Wells, NWT, makes coming back from the wild a little more civilized

History of Medicine

Amazing ambergris

Why one man’s whale poop is another’s medical gold


The latest studies on Euro-eating

We always hear how the Mediterranean diet prevents heart disease. Now scientists are looking at other diseases and ...