Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 27, 2022

June 2011

Volume 29, Number 6

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The hit list

Grab your clubs for a romp around Canada's best courses from coast to coast

The missing links

Nova Scotia’s Cabot Links has been described as “Canada’s most anticipated new course” and “Canada’s first true links.” ...


The BlackBerry gets supersized

Why you should consider the iPad's rival

For the birds

A handheld birdbrain How many times have you been in the great outdoors – just soaking it all ...


Coupe de grace

The sleek little two-door speed machine is making a comeback

Travel News

A beautiful pass

Edmonton’s new Ultimate and U-Pick Passes can save you up to 60 percent off the admission cost at ...

New meaning to “à la carte”

The city of Vancouver recently approved licenses for about 20 new food carts. They’re not as swanky as ...

Look ma, no hands!

It’s going to be the highest, full-circle, hands-free walk in the world and it’s going to be smack ...

A century young

“Our centennial is a unique opportunity for Canadians to discover and rediscover some of the best that our ...

When fact meets fiction

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology is making its world premiere at the Montreal Science Centre now ...

Travel Deals

Quebec City park

After strolling the streets and taking in the galleries and restos of Quebec City, give yourself and your ...

New York in Hogtown

Modern art fans will want to head to Toronto before August 28 to catch the AGO's blockbuster Abstract ...

An Ontario inn fine dining getaway

Until June 30, the quaint 13-room Merrill Inn in Prince Edward County, Ontario, is offering a one-night spring ...

Discover Anne of Green Gables

If you’re like Kate, the new Duchess of Cambridge, and grew up on Anne of Green Gables and ...


La grande séduction

Quebec's Magdalen Islands lure visitors with their small-town welcome and desolate beauty

Banff biking & hiking

This is the summer to enjoy the free outdoors. It is, after all, the centennial of Canada’s national ...

Where to eat when in.... Toronto

An FM finds authentic Greek food fit for the gods

Trail blazers

Ontario’s cottage country offers plenty of great riding for cycling enthusiasts

Pegged to a place

Now a lively park and cultural district, Winnipeg's Forks is a meeting spot older than Canada

Sunshine boast

BC's Pacific fringe wows with small-town charm, world-class diving and miles and miles of peace

Great Canadian road trips

Some of the best travel memories are made in the car, scenery flashing by and tunes on the radio

Carnivore country

Forget beef — Alberta's adventurous restos are carving up new territory

Isles apart

On Newfoundland's Change Islands, residents are strengthening centuries-old traditions and breaking new ground


Less salt doesn't lower blood pressure?

A new study in the May 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association has challenged ...