Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

August 2011

Volume 29, Number 8

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Championship greens

How North Carolina's turn-of-the-century Pinehurst Village stays ahead of the golf curve


Time travellers

The most prized gift among this year’s university graduates: a fine vintage watch with automatic movement. It wasn’t ...


Kicking gas

There's no Napoleon complex here – these small cars have power, style and great fuel economy

Travel News

Amsterdam discounts

The I amsterdam City Card gives you access to 36 museums — including the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, ...

Leonardo in London

A 16th-century painting that sold for $70 in the 1950s is now worth $185 million. Talk about a ...

A Cornish B&B

Thinking of a visit to the British seaside retreat of Cornwall? Make a stop at the Nearwater, a ...

A London find

London’s east-end Shoreditch House recently transformed itself from a members-only club to a small 26-room hotel. Some club ...

Child’s play

The 25-year-old Manitoba Children’s Museum relocated to an 1889 train repair facility in The Forks almost 20 years ...

Island overload

Italy's leading heritage group is begging the UN to put Venice on its UNESCO endangered list. According to ...

Screen, but don’t touch

Did you see the video of the airport security worker patting down a six-year-old child in New Orleans? ...

Dollars and sense?

Last September, we ran a Practical Traveller item called “Mickey plus Minnie = more money.” A year later, ...

Freewheeling NYC

Bike and Roll NYC celebrated their fifth anniversary in June, but they’re the ones giving pedal enthusiasts the ...

Travel Deals

A Montmartre boutique room

If you’re planning more than an overnight in Paris, take a look at, the website for the ...


Hidden treasure

Shanxi Province south of Beijing has incredibly preserved temples and towns that could be out of a Ming Dynasty movie set

Where to eat when in... Scottsdale

An emergency physician is all smiles at an après-golf happy hour

Afloat in India

More water than land, Kerala is best seen from one of its unique houseboats


News in nutrition

Research is forever shedding light on how food influences the way the body works. Here are some updates. ...


Almond cakes (kransekage)

Scandinavia’s traditional almond cakes are eaten on special occasions like New Year’s Eve when they’re served at midnight ...

Chicken in horseradish and chervil sauce

Horseradish has a very sharp, peppery taste that is highly versatile. It can be used in sauces and ...

Rye bread

The traditional bread of Scandinavia, a loaf of rye is made using a sourdough starter. You only have to make the starter once if you remember to save a bit of dough for next time.