Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

November 2013

Volume 31, Number 11

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Gift-giving Canuck style

10 great sites to shop patriotically

Travel News

An (almost!) free ride

You don’t need money to pay for your NYC cab rides anymore. American Express card members can now ...

No money, no problem?

In spite of perennially gloomy economic reports, international tourism has jumped an unexpected five percent in 2013, according ...

Rent two wheels not four

Roadtrippers with style go to Vegas. Why else would rentable aluminum-shell Airstream RVs, rentable compact Jucy campervans and ...

A Colombian beauty

The Casa San Agustín ( in Cartagena, Colombia is, according to travel website TripAdvisor, the best hotel in ...

Mary Poppins made real

Even if you don’t have kids, the thought of bringing one on a long-haul flight is downright scary. ...

Natural winners

This winter, Canadians can see one of the top photography competitions in the world, whether home is on ...

Frommers buy Frommer's

Guidebook pioneer Arthur Frommer is taking a gamble on the market he helped create. The 84-year-old American and ...

Travel Deals

Portugal's winter escape

Porto was dubbed one of the best places to visit in December by USA Today, because of its ...

Bellingham to Hawaii

The no-frills Allegiant Air has cheap flights to Hawaii in December. Flights to either Honolulu or Maui from ...

Deals around the world

Gate1Travel, which offers package getaways all over the world, is having a huge early booking sale for 2014. ...

NYE in Vegas from Calgary

Waffling between a tropical getaway this holidays or flying to Sin City? You could always just spend New ...

Save on hotels

If you ever wonder how far in advance you should book your hotel room,’s newest feature, the ...


The hidden side of Aruba

Arikok National Park shows the island is more than just rum and beaches

Beauty sleeps

High-end hotels in Southeast Asia that are redefining where you get your shut-eye

Crossing the vine

Four new Ontario wineries that aren’t anywhere near Niagara

Connect the pots

Browse the food stalls in Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter and discover where Middle and Far Eastern flavours meet

Top food, Down Under

Tasmania’s food and wine culture is still a well-kept secret — even to most Australians


Your food's bad chemistry

Though both cause reactions, food intolerance is different from food allergy. Unlike with food allergy, the symptoms of ...


Lemonade jelly with basil

Lemon makes a tart, grown-up jelly, infused here with basil for a herbal aroma. (Leave out the basil ...

Gingered brown rice pudding with plum conserve

Many people eat brown rice because of its nutritional benefits, but those little pearls also have a pleasantly ...

No-bake triple chocolate brownies

This is an easy recipe for rich chocolate treats that are halfway between fudge bites and brownies. They ...