Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

December 2013

Volume 31, Number 12

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2014: the year of wearable tech

On our wrists Wristwatch computing isn’t new, but this may be the year the smartwatch either fizzles out ...

Travel News

Coasting downhill

Rappers aren’t the only ones to pit the East againstthe West Coast. Some skiers do too. If you’re ...

Crossing the divide

Turkey opened its long-awaited Marmaray rail tunnel connecting the Asian and European sides of Istanbul on October 29, ...

Google goes to Galápagos

How do you enjoy a natural wonder like the Galápagos Islands without hurting their fragile natural balance? Well, ...

Stay on track

The online travel agent Loco2 wants to do two things: 1) promote train travel as a greener alternative ...

China comes to Vegas

Two of China’s national treasures are now in Vegas: kung fu and pandas. PANDA! made its world premiere ...

Hot springs and cold snow

There is a word to sum up skiing in Japan: powder — some of the driest and fluffiest ...

The art of the sell

The art of the sell London’s The Guardian newspaper recently announced that the Jamaica Tourist Board’s old travel ...

Travel Deals

Montreal's hotel deal

Le Petit Hotel, one of Montreal’s most highly rated, is offering a third night free until March 31. ...

Florida flights from $118

US-based Spirit Airlines is perhaps best known for its tasteless ads spoofing Anthony Weiner and Rob Ford, but ...

Iceland from Edmonton

IcelandAir is expanding service, with Vancouver and Edmonton among its new cities, and flights are surprisingly inexpensive. Sample ...

Early booking on Club Med

If a resort holiday is in the offing for 2014, check Club Med’ssemi-annual booking sale. Book by January ...

20% off Eurail passes

A Eurail train pass isn’t always the cheapest way to get around Europe, but it is the most ...


Plant it here

Don’t leave these Vancouver restaurants without eating every meatless meal on their menus

Mexico by way of Maya

San Cristobal’s Spanish architecture and cobblestone streets rub shoulders with a vibrant indigenous culture

A Massif attack

A ski resort in Charlevoix that’s giving Mont Tremblant a “run” for its money

I prescribe heli-skiing in BC

An Ontario psychiatrist boards a chopper for fresh powder and thrills at Panorama Mountain Village

History of Medicine

The coldest war

Frostbite ravaged untold armies, people and appendages until doctors warmed up to the right treatment


The world on your plate

Every culture has its own ways to stay healthy — and most often that involves eating well. You ...