Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

May 2013

Volume 31, Number 5

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Don't cramp your camping style

The world's smallest washing machine The Scrubba is a waterproof bag with a flexible washboard inside. Pop in ...


The fast and affordable

These stylish great-value cars will get your engines revving while sparing your wallet

One Bottle

Less than meets the eye

Wine would seem like a simple thing to make. It’s just grapes, after all; you grow them, pick ...

Travel News

Old-school opera

The Roman Theatre in Orange, France might very well be the best place to take in Richard Wagner ...

Take the scenic route

The new Banff Marathon might motivate runners to make their best time ever. The June 23 race will ...

Seeing things in black and white

Sebastião Salgado’s wife, Leila, bought him his first camera in 1970. It might have been the best gift ...

A decade in the making

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum gets a stunning face-lift

A really BIG move

San Francisco’s Exploratorium has left the building — well, it’s left the building at the Palace of Fine ...

Top 5 places to pretend you have a cottage

Finding a prime vacation rental can mean endless Web searches. Resorts that rent cottages let you find peace with a lot less hassle.

Travel Deals

India with G Adventures

Canadian-based G Adventures’ three-week India on a Shoestring tour rolls out the best of the north. You tour ...

A Mad Men Miami hotel

If you’re looking to take in the ’50s and ’60s style of Miami’s Modern Architectural District, aka MiMo ...

The world on a budget airline?

Here are Budget Travel magazine’s picks for the world’s 12 best budget airlines: JetBlue (US, Caribbean, Mexico, Central ...

Style, history, savings in NYC

When two celeb hoteliers took over a 133-room hotel in NYC’s West Village, they wanted it to reflect ...


On the edge

Dubbed the People’s Coast, Oregon’s Pacific shore is all public land and just begging to be explored

You only live twice

The old Tokyo Train Station is like new again, and it’s brought fun into the financial district.

Far side of the moon

Get way off the beaten track among the salt lakes, geysers and dunes of Chile’s Atacama Desert

I prescribe cycling in Quebec

An FM discovers that a spin on the P’tit Train du Nord route isn’t always as easy as it seems

A surreal trip

Prepare for unexpected visions and odd architecture on a visit to Salvador Dalí’s Spanish strongholds

In fair Verona

The city that inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will bring out the romantic in you


Clean green

This is a light, easy and clean green juice. Fennel is very warming and soothing to digestion.

Red salad

This recipe was inspired by a salad from a funky restaurant in Northern Florida. Shredded red beets and ...

Medicinal miso

Miso is a fermented bean paste with a complex salty flavour that adds a roundness to many recipes. ...

Chia and buckwheat cereal

Chia is the new miracle seed. It’s gained a lot of popularity in health-food circles and we think ...