Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

August 2013

Volume 31, Number 8

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Mobile medicine

7 apps for MDs

Travel News

Caught on film

After visiting a daguerreotype (photography) studio in 1846, Walt Whitman, aka the poet of democracy, wrote: “You will ...

An Olympic-sized project

The first phase of London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park just opened, marking the one-year anniversary of last summer’s ...

Boston’s fishy business

The recent 10-month, $17-million redesign of the New England Aquarium’s Giant Ocean Tank will make any marine enthusiast ...

On track to the US

When National Geographic describes a tour as one of the “World’s Greatest Trips” and includes it in its ...

The new language of love?

“Do you speak touriste?” That’s the question the Paris Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce is putting to hundreds of ...

Hertz's hot wheels

If the word “sensible” typically defines your rental car selections, this news item won’t interest you. That’s because ...

Air Canada is seeing Rouge

Air Canada’s new leisure carrier with “stylishly affordable service” to over two dozen holiday hotspots got off the ...

Travel Deals

Cheap eats across the US

Internet coupon giant Groupon has launched a new restaurant reservation service, called Groupon Reserve, in 10 major American ...

All-in-one Alberta

If you’re headed to Alberta to show support for the flood-stricken province, a stop in Lethbridge (two hours ...

Prague and Budapest

Prague and Budapest are two of Europe’s truly great cities to visit, so why not do them both? ...

The best hotel in Madrid

The 17-room Artrip Hotel “art hotel” is a short walk from central Madrid and the city’s famous art ...

Northern India for next to nothing

Despite being located in the natural splendour of India’s Himalayas and having great examples of Victorian colonial architecture, ...


Turning back the clock

Once in ruins, Dresden has built a brand-new Old Town — and it’s made the city young again

Mood lighting

Provence's sun sets the scene for a theatrical trip through France

Emerald island-hopping

Seeing the best of Ireland sometimes requires going beyond the mainland

Escape artists

Thirteen specialty lodgings that are pictures of paradise

History of Medicine

An heir-raising experience

Royal babymakers and their often miserable path to motherhood


Stone age science?

The Paleo diet has become hugely popular in recent years, gaining cult-like status in some circles. Short for ...


Braised chicken with artichokes and olives

In Italy they harvest artichokes in both spring and fall, and that abundance graces their cuisine. Artichokes also ...

Wendy's wunderbars

My brother Jeff is in a line of work where he can’t exactly run out to the nearest ...

Velvety mediterranean gazpacho with avocado cream

This Mediterranean gazpacho is an orgy of vegetables: cucumbers, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onions, fennel, garlic, ...