Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 27, 2022

October 2014

Volume 32, Number 9

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An app that gets to the point

An app that identifies more than 150 myofascial trigger points

Know the water is safe to drink

A handheld, water-purification system that'll change the way you travel

Travel News

Airlines pack a punch

New fees on Air Canada and WestJet

High and mighty

The final leg of NYC’s High Line opened in mid-September and some have described it as the most ...

A presidential welcome

A request to tour the White House must be submitted “three weeks to six months” before the date ...

This is not a photograph

Richard Estes' photorealism in Washington, DC

A case in point

Manitoba might be one of the best places to see the Nutcracker this December. The 2014/15 season will ...

A new course of action

The first ever weeklong, fully supported, road-bike tour through Adirondack Park

4 romantic spas

British Columbia Victoria’s Magnolia Hotel and Spa, just two blocks from the city’s Inner Harbour, offers rarely matched ...


A fair game

Golfers love Palm Springs, and the architecture, desert landscapes and food are also winners

Touchy subject

Talking about depression in the family practice setting

Creative thinking

Give NYC a pass. Philadelphia has all the art you want — minus the mobs of people

World's most unpretentious spa

Five reasons why Oregon's Brietenbush Hot Springs might be your perfect retreat

Fall for Vermont

Architecture, art and autumn colours on the generous grounds of the Shelburne Museum

History of Medicine

Are we really what we eat?

From Paleo to the Fertile Crescent to Grain Brain and back


Green soup

One dish, two ways for kids and adults

Vietnamese grilled pork meatballs

One dish, two ways for kids and adults

Pad thai with chicken and shrimp

One dish, two ways for kids and adults