Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

February 2015

Volume 33, Number 2

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Along for the ride

Make your car a safer, nice place to be

Travel News

Flying on empty

An around-the-world flight -- without a drop of fuel

A man of the world

Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto

Stay in The Loop

The new, first-ever Virgin Hotel in Chicago

Art for free

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts turns 100

Heads up

Five of the best sky events of 2015

Southern comfort

Why koalas in Southern Australia need mittens

Budget Traveller

Spring comfort

Arizona, California and Florida from US$129 a night


Who treats depression? / Qui traite la d├ępression ?

Can GPs and psychiatrists collaborate to help patients? / Les omnipraticiens et les psychiatres peuvent-ils collaborer pour aider les patients ?


Soul survivors

The artists that emerged out of the Southeast and the music that still makes us move

Plunge into secret Australia

A swim with tuna, dolphins and sea lions is only the start of the adventure on the Eyre Peninsula

History of Medicine

The long and short of bimodal sleep

Lying down for eight straight hours used to be a bad thing


Green bean salad

A combo of fresh and high-quality canned beans, and a bold dressing

Duck, barley and mushroom soup

A cool-weather duck and barley dish that has a bold personality

A good, calcium-rich regular breakfast

This is the fifth breakfast recipe in an ongoing series. The previous offerings included Southwest vegetables and eggs, ...

Cod-stuffed cabbage rolls with dill sauce

A nontraditional north-German pairing of cabbage and fish