Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 27, 2022

March 2015

Volume 33, Number 3

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Lighting the way to better biking

Visijax's Commuter Jacket, a 2015 CES Innovation Award honoree

A preoperative evaluation must

Dr Joshua Steinberg's PreopEval14

Travel News

The track record

Eurail's new 2015 routes

Tunnel vision

Beginning June 1, you’ll be able to go 200 metres inside Europe’s second largest glacier to see the ...

An artful gesture

Russia's Federal Museums free for kids

Saving face

Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age on now at the Hermitage Amsterdam

A royal celebration

Cunard marks its 175th anniversary with a transatlantic cruise

A clean break

The Vatican's new reno


Differential diagnosis / Un diagnostic différentiel

Distinguishing depression from other causes/conditions / Distinguer la dépression d’autres causes et troubles


Greener pastures

The Biosphere Reserve in Provence where the wildlife outnumbers the visitors

Suite dreams

Small hotels in Europe for romance and luxury

Eight days a week in Liverpool

Here's your ticket to ride back to The Fab Four's glory days

Sitting pretty

Eight villages that may be the most beautiful in France

Greek omelet

This quick omelet contains calcium and vitamins, and it's very tasty. Add a variety of veggies to enhance ...

History of Medicine

Fear of medical mechanics

It wasn’t MDs that patients minded so much as the tools they used


Borscht with beef

This lovely soup is colourful -- and thifty

Salmon-filled rasstegai

These open pirogies are generally served as a side with soup

Salad Olivier

This Russian salad is a staple at special occasions