Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 27, 2022

October 2015

Volume 33, Number 9

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Quick fixes for daily irritants

The SOI bag light and more

Travel News

Watch your step

How safe is the Camino de Santiago trail?

The UK’s new tracks

The train that connects Edinburgh to Tweedbank

Flight at the end of the tunnel

Toronto's new addition 10 storeys under Lake Ontario

The Broad unveiled

The $140-million Broad Museum opens in Los Angeles

Super Indian debuts in Denver

The Fritz Scholder exhibit is on now through January 17, 2016

The Caribbean opens up

Antigua's revamped V.C. Bird International Airport

Travel Deals

4 deals for a fall or winter getaway

Chicago, Dallas, San Diego and Whistler


Open a dialogue on sex and depression / Aborder la question du sexe et de la dépression

Chances are if you don't ask, patients won't tell / Si vous ne posez pas la question, les patients n’en parleront probablement pas


Up, up and away

…in a shiny soaring machine

Make short getaways last longer

10 ways to get more out of those breaks away from your practice

Pennsylvania Dutch

Amish farms, art museums and estate gardens in Philadelphia’s countryside

Take it on the shoulder

Why the months between the high and low season may be the best time to travel

History of Medicine

Ocular disease and its effect on art

Part one: the eyes of Monet, Cassatt, Degas and O'Keeffe


Tomato-parmesan soup with spinach dumplings

One-pot meals that you can make in a rice cooker

Butternut squash and sausage risotto

One-pot meals that you can make in a rice cooker

Parchment-steamed sea bass Veracruz over cilantro quinoa

One-pot meals that you can make in a rice cooker