Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

October 2016

Volume 34, Number 9

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Headsets without wires

Bluetooth options for your smartphone

Travel News

The world's most liveable cities

Six of the top 10-scoring cities are in Australia and Canada

Avoiding TO traffic: priceless

GTA's new flights between Toronto and Niagara

One pass, six countries

Vail Resorts's Epic Pass now includes Europe

TV come true

The Game of Thrones goes on tour

Night riders in the UK

London's 24-hour underground trains

The countryside in Sin City

Degas, Picasso and more in Vegas

Architectural plans

A travel program from the American Institute of Architects


Cross currents in osteoarthritis

The case of the knee that predicted rain

Generic antidepressants / Les antidépresseurs génériques

How do they compare to brand name? / En quoi sont-ils différents des antidépresseurs de marque déposée ?


Rent a Frank Lloyd Wright gem

Immerse yourself in the great architect’s vision

Gracious spaces

From an inn in Pennsylvania to a castle in France, Relais & Châteaux properties promise character and haute cuisine

Sails and ales

A five-day culinary adventure cruise exploring the best craft breweries around BC’s Salish Sea

History of Medicine

Burchfield’s transcendent vision

Discover a great, yet too often overlooked, 20th-century painter


Asian turkey burgers and slaw

30-minute meals from one of Canada's experts on nutrition

Gnocchi with squash, kale and Parmesan

30-minute meals from one of Canada's experts on nutrition

Cauliflower steak with sun-dried tomato and olive salsa

30-minute meals from one of Canada's experts on nutrition