Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022

January 2017

Volume 35, Number 1

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The doctor’s “got a brand new bag!”

A stylish leather and canvas tote

Travel News

2016 vacation review

How many vacation days did you take last year? How many days went unused? If you took 14 ...

Photographers gone wild

The world's best nature photo competition is in Toronto now

Ottawa or bust

The capital's room shortage for Canada Day 2017

Feeling hut, hut, hut

An art and architecture competition that benefits ice skaters

Dates in the UAE

The Al Ain Oasis -- the country's first UNESCO World Heritage site

Beautiful music in Germany

Hamburg's stunning old/new concert hall

Bean me up

The coffee aboard Canada's biggest airlines


Depression in men / La dépression chez les hommes

Shining a light on a hidden problem / Lever le voile sur un problème caché


Paradise in Panama

The country in Central America that’s fast becoming the next affordable hot spot

Ottawa 2017

Five reasons the revamped capital is the best place to celebrate Canada’s 150th

Africa wide open

An MD's road trip through Namibia to celebrate his 60th

The so-called love doctor

Dr Dulcamara in L’elisir d’amore and his concoctions that cure everything — even heartache

History of Medicine

Cognitive decline in famous painters

Do fractals uncover disease?


Spiced carrot bircher

Unusual bowl-based breakfasts for at home or “al desko”

Avocado porridge with sweet chili

Unusual bowl-based breakfasts for at home or “al desko”

Toasted buckwheat with berries

Unusual bowl-based breakfasts for at home or “al desko”