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November 1, 2014

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August 2014

2014 International Society for Clinical Biostatistics Conference

August 24th to 28th Austria / Vienna Other Specialties

Contact: , Conference Organization Bureau , AIM Group International


27th Annual Pediatric Board Review

August 24th to 29th Michigan / Ann Arbor Pediatrics

Contact: Jennifer Goodwine , Continuous Professional Development , University of Michigan Health System

Phone: 734-232-3469


Columbia University Medical Center Preventive Medicine Greek Isles Cruise

August 24th to 31st Italy / Venice Family Medicine, General Medicine, Internal Medicine

Contact: Continuing Education, Inc. , Meeting Planner , Continuing Education, Inc.

Phone: 800-422-0711

Fax: 727-522-8304


Current Topics in Anesthesia 7-Day Alaskan Glacier Discovery Southbound Cruise

August 24th to 31st Alaska / Seward Anesthesiology

Contact: , Northwest Anesthesia Seminars

Phone: 800-222-6927

Fax: 509-547-1265


San Juan Hut Biking Adventure

August 24th to 30th Colorado / Telluride Mountain Village Other Specialties

Contact: , Wilderness Medical Society

Phone: 801-990-2988


2014 Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology (CARO) Annual Scientific Meeting

August 25th to 28th Newfoundland and Labrador / St. John's Oncology, Radiology/Imaging

Contact: Andrea Smith , Association Coordinator , CARO

Phone: 905-415-3917

Fax: 905-415-0071


2014 Hands-On Peripheral Venous & Arterial Ultrasound Imaging, including Vascular Access

August 25th to 27th Texas / Dallas Cardiology, General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Radiology/Imaging, Rural Medicine, Surgery

Contact: Amy Donaldson , Registrar , Keith Mauney & Associates Ultrasound Training Institutes Est. 1981

Phone: 972-353-3200 (USA, CDT, UTC-6), 800-845-3484 (North America, Caribbean)

Fax: 817-577-4250


27th Conference of European Comparative Endocrinologists: CECE 2014

August 25th to 29th France / Rennes Endocrinology

Contact: Prof. Dr. Dan Larhammar , Department of Neuroscience, Uppsala University , European Society for Comparative Endocrinology

Phone: 011-46-18-471-4173

Fax: 011-46-18-51-1540


2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Traditional & Alternative Medicine

August 25th to 26th China / Beijing Alternative Medicine

Contact: , Conference Secretariat , Omics Publishing Group

Phone: 650-268-9744

Fax: 650-618-1414


2nd Sports & Exercise Medicine Summer Camp

August 25th to 30th Greece / Kalamata Sports Medicine

Contact: Maroudia Christofidi , Congress Manager , CONFER

Phone: 011-30-26130-09533 or 011-30-69462-79915


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