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September 21, 2017

Travel News

Travel News

Hanging in the Swiss Alps

The longest bridge in the world is open now

Hilton’s Tru midrange hotels

Millenials will love them -- and you probably will too

Montreal's Queen E reopens

The Phase 1 renovation of the famous hotel is complete

Museums by the numbers

The art and artifacts that everyone wants to see

Tokyo to infinity and beyond

Yayoi Kusama gets her own museum

BC’s new nature trail

Now open: the 13-kilometre Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail connecting Greater Victoria with the Cowichan Valley and closing the ...

Canadian + Indigenous art come together

A revamped space opens at Ottawa's NGC

Dr Seuss stories come to life

There’s a new Dr Seuss museum in Springfield, MA and, as expected, it’s a huge hit with kids. ...

The best island for seeing stars

Great Barrier Island or Aotea, its Māori name, is the first island in the world to be designated ...

The Wright drive in Wisconsin

There’s a new Frank Lloyd Wright Trail in Wisconsin, the state the American architect was born in 150 ...

Ai Weiwei in Austin

Art by Ai Weiwei will be all over the US this year. The Beijing-born contemporary artist and political ...

An affordable cruise in NYC

New routes to Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan

Artistic support

Two gigantic hands seem to be holding up the very old and very beautiful Ca’ Sagredo Hotel which ...

Countries that protect wildlife

Which countries are doing the most to conserve its wildlife? A group of biologists led by Peter A. ...

The world’s best beaches

Most people would agree that beach days are the best. Some might say they’re particular good in Spain, ...