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December 6, 2021

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Airbus’ flights of fancy

The Airbuses of 2050 may be made of a bionic structure that mimics the efficiency of bird bone, providing strength where needed and allowing for an “intelligent” cabin-wall membrane that can become transparent — at least, that’s what the aircraft manufacturer revealed at the 49th International Paris Airshow in June.

In addition to unparalleled panoramic views, the company’s nature-inspired concept craft includes seats that morph to each passenger’s body, a vitalizing zone that’ll help travellers recharge with aromatherapy, vitamins, acupuncture and antioxidant-rich air (whatever that is), and interactive pop-up pods for virtual business meetings, golf games and shopping sprees.

Parents may even be able to read their kids a bedtime story back at home. No mention on how much this kind of mid-century air travel will cost.

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