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October 28, 2021
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Airport DIY — and paying to use the potty?!

“Another pioneering move from Ryanair” is how the low-cost airline described its decision to ditch all of its airport check-in counters later this year. Beginning October 1, customers will have to check-in online and, get this, they’ll have to pay £5 or €5 for the “service.” After all, the airline promises that the new procedure will speed things up for travellers (no need to line up) and lower prices (no need for employees and service with a smile). Got bags to check? You can do that yourself too at “bag-drop” stations where you’ll still be charged to check-in luggage.

The airline has already begun phasing in the system: all bookings made after May 1 must be checked-in online and use the bag-drop stations; bookings made before May 1 can still be checked at a desk (wherever they remain) but the fee will be £20/€20 per person per flight. Ouch. All of this comes weeks after the brouhaha that erupted after the airline’s chief executive revealed that Ryanair also intends to make passengers pay to use the toilet. Yes, you read that right: pay to use the toilet. A coin slot on the bathroom door has already been ruled out for safety and technical reasons, but the credit card is being considered. .

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