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January 20, 2022

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All eyes on Berlin

2012 is the year of anniversaries. Besides Bond’s 50th, there’s Gustav Klimt’s 150th, Charles Dickens’ 200th, Frederick the Great’s 300th and, of course, a little thing called the Queen’s Jubilee (see Party On! page 30). Not to be outdone, Berlin will be partying hard on October 28 too for its 775th birthday, which marks the first documented mention of Alt Berlin’s (Old Berlin’s) sister city, Cölln. To celebrate, the German’s are putting on a fire and light show in the city’s historical centre, Nikolaiviertel. There’ll also be medieval “sounds” at night in honour of its 13th-century roots. Exhibitions are a given and, beginning on April 18 through October 28, the Ephraim-Palais museum will present Berlinmacher (or Berlinmaker), which consists of 775 portraits of Berliners who have helped shape the city.

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