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October 27, 2021
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The art of the sell

The art of the sell

London’s The Guardian newspaper recently announced that the Jamaica Tourist Board’s old travel slogan, Jamaica – Once You Go, You Know, has been replaced with Jamaica – Get All Right. The new campaign — which the board launched with a giant yellow stress ball in NYC’s Times Square in November — then got the newspaper to ask “how do you sum up a country in three or four words?” The marketing minds in our own great land think Canada: Keep Exploring is the ticket. Here’s how other countries are selling themselves — for better or worse.

Abu Dhabi –Travellers welcome (Direct. To the point.)
Argentina – Beats To Your Rhythm
Costa Rica – No Artificial Ingredients
Croatia – The Mediterranean As It Once Was
Definitely Dubai (Alliteration is always fun.)
Germany – The Travel Destination (No funny business here….)
Greece – All Time Classic (Also a new slogan as of November)
Add Some Orange (Holland)
Incredible !ndia
Latvia – Best Enjoyed Slowly
Morocco – The Country That Travels Within You (Waaaaa?)
Oman – Beauty Has an Address
100% Pure New Zealand
I feel SLOVEnia (See the word love?)
The Kingdom of Swaziland – A Royal Experience

Honorable mention: Colombia’s current slogan — Magical Realism — launched in spring 2013, but we think their old one — The Only Risk Is Wanting To Stay — was slightly more attention-grabbing.

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