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October 28, 2021

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Breathalysers, mais oui!

If you have a trouble putting the brakes on your Bordeaux drinking on your next trip to France, you should have no trouble determining if you’re over the country’s 0.05 blood-alcohol limit and thereby too drunk to drive. As of July 1, each and every car in France, including rentals, must contain a Breathalyser. Motorists still without one in November will be fined €11 ($15). France is reportedly the first country in the world to pass this kind of a law. According to the country’s Sécurité Routière, 4000 people die on French roads every year and a third of those accidents are alcohol related. Of course, critics argue that drivers aren’t obliged to use the machines and, even if they somehow were to, say, start their car, there’s nothing to stop a friend from breathing into the device for them. Still, it’s certainly a sobering measure.

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