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October 28, 2021


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California for a price

The most expensive cities for corporate travel

Headed to the US for a working-vacation? If San Francisco is in the agenda, expect to spend a lot of cash. According to Business Travel News, the City by the Bay is the most expensive destination for corporate travel in the US — the average per-diem for a hotel, rental car and food was US$547.34 in 2015. After San Fran, the other cities to top the 32nd Annual Corporate Travel Index are New York (US$523.05), Boston (US$502.69), Seattle (US$418.88) and Washington, D.C. (US $411.10). Want a working-vacation on the cheap? Go to Norfolk, Virginia where accommodation, transportation and three meals a day averaged US$248.15. Caracas, Venezuela is the most expensive worldwide (US$1702.44), the result of an inflationary spiral, followed by London (US$553.58), Muscat, Oman (US$515.23), Geneva (US$496.81) and Zurich (US$484.46). Last year Calgary ($282.22) ranked as the most expensive city in Canada.

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