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December 6, 2021
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Canada cool and green

Our home and native land is better known for its landscapes than its architecture, but, somewhat paradoxically, that may be changing as 21st century’s environmentalism is proving to be more than just a fad. Sustainable construction, or “green architecture,” is drawing tourists, and strange as it sounds, they may be on to something. In Vancouver, for instance, the newly expanded Convention Centre (tel: 866-785-8232; boasts a fish habitat built into the foundation, seawater heating and cooling, as well as a “living roof” (pictured). In Toronto, the newly refurbished streetcar-repair centre Wychwood Barns (tel: 416-392-1038; now houses a farmer’s market, a community centre and art studios, all in a remarkably green venue. And the chic Montreal South Shore hotel Quartier DIX30 (tel: 877-343-1030; is impressive not just for its incredibly low-carbon footprint, but also for its style.

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