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December 6, 2021
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Canada's wild side


The old dog-sled trail Take the roadtrip of a lifetime on the Dempster Highway, running from Dawson City, YT to Inuvik, NWT. Cross the Arctic Circle and the Continental Divide, red, orange and gold tundra, migrating Porcupine caribou and plant varieties you’ve never seen before. Time it for summer for almost all-day sun.


It doesn’t get any wilder Those who think a vacation in Canada is boring need to go north… way north, to Nunavut. So wild even the most experienced should hire a guide.


Boo the bear Canada finally has a famous bear. Boo is a much-photographed orphaned grizzly at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, home to the world’s largest enclosed grizzly bear habitat. Unlike other bears — Baloo, Smokey, Yogi, Fozzie, Winnie or Grylls — Boo doesn’t have his own Facebook page, but you can still follow him on the resort’s page,


Wreck Beach Spend an afternoon on the continent’s most famous nude beach and see for yourself why we’re so prudish about dressing. Clothing optional, sunscreen most certainly not.


Feel the earth move If being close to a herd of stampeding bison is your idea of a thrill, spend a day in Elk Island National Park. What Elk Island lacks in not actually being an island, it makes up for by being second only to the Serengeti for the world’s most hoofed wildlife.


The smells and spirit of cattle ranching Feed the cattle, swat some flies and generally pretend to be a cowboy at Sturgeon River Ranch on the wild west side of Prince Albert National Park.


Big things in Manitoba This province’s town statues can really make you feel small. From the big curling rock in Arborg, to Gilbert, a golf ball dressed in a Ross Tartan, to the huge mosquito in Komarno and the domineering 24.4-metres-tall easel of sunflowers in Altona, there are nearly 40 giant statues to marvel at.


Non-stop Niagara The choices for entertainment in Niagara Falls are a little bit like an endless cereal aisle; there’s the Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show with a singing mountie, a hockey player and Anne of Green Gables. Or maybe your thing is watching real tigers perform with showgirls at Greg Frewin's IMAGINE. Before dinner, you can peruse the horror houses, the wax museums, Ripley's Believe It or Not, the casinos… and if that’s all a bit too over stimulating, contemplate the reason you thought you were there in the first place: the waterfalls.


Gens du pays All Canadians should visit Montreal at least once on June 24 to see how Saint-Jean-Baptiste is celebrated. Throngs of people gather in the street for spontaneous parties that occasionally descend into debauchery and the lighting of the odd bonfire. Recommended attire: good walking/running shoes, anything in blue. Avoid wearing red.


Make wool, not war Game of Thrones fans may be confused by New Brunswick’s King’s Landing. No, this is not the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, it’s a pretty reconstruction of a 19th-century village once controlled by Loyalists — not the Lannisters. Think dancing in bonnets and butter making, not battles and backstabbing.


Surf school White Point Beach is an ocean-front resort 160 kilometres south of Halifax, complete with a sandy beach and easy waves that make it a good setting to learn to surf.


Distilling an island tradition Those who think Prince Edward Island is all green and Anne should taste another type of island pride: Strait Shine or Strait Lightning — modelled after century-old moonshine once made secretly in the middle of the night in the back of houses.


North America’s easternmost trail Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail, which opened in 2001 with 217 kilometres of trails, brings you past icebergs, fjords and sea stacks and headlands. The trail runs from Fort Amherst to Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove — perfect for day hikes and town-to-town jaunts where you can camp or stay in inns along the way.

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