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November 29, 2021
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Carnivals of colour

The holidays are over, but the parties aren’t. February is synonymous with carnivals, and lots of them. Here are five of the world’s best, including one of our very own, of course.

Quebec City

Rubbing elbows with Bonhomme is almost a Canadian requirement. The giant snowman is the Winter Carnival’s ambassador and he waddles his way to activities throughout the two-week feast. Keep your eyes peeled at the dogsled races, the St. Lawrence canoe races, his ice palace and the night parades. January 27 to February 12.


Of course you can walk the cobbled streets without a mask during Carnival, but why on earth would you want to? Instead, become someone else for a few days (maybe a plague doctor?) while taking in the best masked costume contests, the daring Flight of the Angel from the San Marco bell tower and a silent water parade. February 4 to 21.

Rio de Janeiro

There will be street parties galore from Carnival Tuesday to Saturday. Some of the biggest are in Cinelândia Square, but the ones not to miss are the Samba parades on Sunday and Monday at the purpose-built Sambodromo stadium. Get tickets and watch from your seat or buy a costume and actually march with a samba school. February 18 to 21.


Gloves, scarves and toques are certainly not required at this Caribbean street party — nor is much else if you’re comfy “jumping up” in sequined bikinis (women) or simply shirtless (men). The festivities begin Monday at 4am and heat up on Tuesday when the calypso, soca and steel-drum music gets everyone gyrating. February 20 and 21.

New Orleans

Three things to do before Mardi Gras: 1. Buy or make a mask and/or costume; 2. Find something purple (representing justice), green (faith) and/or gold (power) to wear when not in costume; 3. Practise your football player stance and catch to increase your chances of scoring some beads and doubloons at the parades. February

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