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December 6, 2021
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Climb Everest at home

If you’re going to create a 3.8-billion-pixel photograph of something, the subject better be good — darn good. Filmmaker and climate-change campaigner David Breashears and his GlacierWorks team spent last spring taking 400-plus pics of Mount Everest with a 300-millimetre lens then stitched them all together to create one huge, massive really, digital pic that people can zoom in and out of to see the world’s highest mountain in jaw-dropping detail. The ginormous photograph also features five little green squares that, when clicked on, automatically zoom into that area like a magic-carpet ride. Our favourite square (second from the top) reveals a handful of climbers taking a picture near the summit and, higher up to the right, three more climbing the cliffs and crevasses. The second square from the bottom zooms into a base camp tent; inside is a photo exhibit mounted by Breashears himself. Soon, users should also be able to peel back parts of the big ol’ pic to reveal the same spot years ago thus highlighting the effects of climate change. To see the pic: [CC]

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