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January 17, 2022
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Complimentary Connections

5 hotel chains that offer free WiFi

It’s free in parks, restaurants and even service stations, but not in hotels rooms that run travellers upwards of $500 a weekend. And this despite the fact that it’s the number one amenity — above fine linens and flat-screen TVs — that guests want. What is it? If you guessed Wi-Fi, chances are it’s because you’ve had to dish out or line up to get online while on the road.

What’s worse is that some hotels have even increased their Internet rates this recession year. The gall. At boutique Thompson properties, it’ll now cost you US$10 day, whether you’re in the lobby or in your room.

But not to worry. A lot of midrange properties have abandoned connection fees. Here are some that will also let you get online in the privacy of your room.

1. Aloft hotels debuted in Montreal, their only Canuck location, but there are plans for properties in Laval, QC as well as Toronto and Vaughan, ON. There’s free, in-room Internet (wired or wireless) at all their properties.

2. Element hotels are five strong in the US, all with free, in-room Wi-Fi. Another 19 hotels are in the works, including one in Toronto.

3. Hotel Indigo currently has 29 locations worldwide, including one in Ottawa and TO. All of its rooms feature free high-speed, many include free Wi-Fi.

4. Hyatt Place has nearly 150 properties in the US, all with free Wi-Fi throughout. They also boast complimentary e-rooms with computers and a printer.

5. Kimpton Hotels has nearly 50 locations in North America. Their free-to-join loyalty program awards you free, in-room Wi-Fi at all their locations, except at its only Canadian property in Vancouver, where you’ll get free high-speed.

This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm rates and details directly with the companies in question.


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