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January 24, 2022
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Cruise to the top

Crystal Cruises will sail the Northwest Passage in 2016

Crystal Cruises has been exploring the idea of sailing the Northwest Passage for the last two years. Beginning August 16, 2016, it’ll be the first large, luxury line to do just that on a trip that will last 32 days. The Northwest Passage is a series of waterways north of the Arctic Circle that link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, from Greenland through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and onwards into the Beaufort Sea. It was originally conceived of as a shorter trade route between Europe and Asia, and it has captured the imaginations of ambitious royalty and adventurers for centuries. Fourteen expedition experts will join the Anchorage, AK-to-NYC sailing aboard Crystal’s Serenity. Its itinerary is flexible and will include unscheduled “expedition days” — wildlife viewing of polar bears, Caribou, musk oxen and narwhals, trekking the tundra, kayaking in protected bays, zodiac landings — when the weather permits. Under the approval of locals, it will visit remote communities. (There will be more people aboard the 1070-passenger Serenity than in some communities, but only 100 to 200 guests will be allowed onshore at a time.) An escort vessel with a platform for wilderness landings and a helicopter will accompany the voyage. From US$19,755 per person. For more on how the cruise line intends to protect the environment and the locals:

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