Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

November 29, 2021

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The end of an icon

Remember the London Games’ opening skit? When Bond aka Daniel Craig pulled up to Buckingham Palace in an Austin FX4 to pick up the Queen? How about the closing ceremonies when the Spice Girls strutted their stuff on FX4 rooftops? London’s black cabs are so iconic and yet, beginning this year, they’re being retired. In keeping with evolving EU standards, the city’s mayor is imposing emissions regulations and the FX4 — rebranded the Fairway in 1987 — doesn’t cut the mustard. The rounder, slightly less distinctive, but more fuel-efficient TX4 will take the taxi reigns, though some of the purpose-built cabs have already been recalled because of mechanical problems. Whatever takes over, the cars won’t necessarily be black. The mayor relaxed colour regulations a few years ago so a rainbow of cabs may be in London’s future and maybe entirely branded ones too. [CC]

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