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October 25, 2021

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It seems that almost everyone, from the Pope (@Pontifex) to Prime Minister Stephen Harper (@pmharper), has a Twitter account these days. Those who don’t are at least on Facebook. The same holds true of travel brands, from airlines to tourism bureaus. But how effective are these social media sites and does anyone really follow? Skift, an early-stage travel intelligence media company, wondered these things and they decided to find out. Here’s a quick breakdown of which travel brands are doing something right. (Note: numbers were accurate at the time of the study; most have since gone up). [CC]

Destinations with the most…

Twitter followers
1. Buenos Aires Cuidad (238,778)
2. Tourism Malaysia (164,507)
3. I Love New York (157,607)
4. VisitBritain (128,885)
5. Only in SF (101,031)

Facebook likes
1. Australia (4,123,470)
2. I Love New York (1,189,769)
3. Los Angeles (1,014,897)
4. VisitBritain (968,327)
5. Love Croatia (808,769)

Airlines with the most…

Twitter followers
1. JetBlue Airways (2,064,609)
2. Southwest Airlines (1,456,936)
3. AirAsia (739,634)
4. American Airlines (531,716)
5. Delta (496,670)

Facebook likes
1. Southwest Airlines (3,625,548)
2. Royal Dutch Airlines ( 2,875,038)
3. AirAsia (1,750,177)
4. Turkish Airlines (1,603,067)
5. Air France (1,322,168)

This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm rates and details directly with the companies in question.


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