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October 26, 2021

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Bronze Nimrud bowl with Egyptian motifs, circa 900 to 700 BCE.

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Great thinkers in TO

The people of Mesopotamia, aka “the land between the [Tigris and Euphrates] rivers,” or present-day Iraq, northeastern Syria and southeastern Turkey, are widely credited with the creation of writing, long-distance communication and the world’s first cities. On June 22, Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum will also become a pioneer of sorts as the first museum in North America and the only one in Canada to host Mesopotamia, an internationally touring exhibit presented by London’s British Museum. On through January 5, 2014, it’ll feature 170 pieces — jewellery, stone sculptures, wall reliefs — many of which have never before been seen in Canada. According to Dr Clemens Reichel, the curator of Mesopotamia during its ROM engagement, “Many things that we rely on in our daily lives originated in ancient Mesopotamia. Visitors will be surprised to learn just how much we owe to the Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians.” Admission: adults $16; students 15 to 25 $14.50; kids 4 to 14 $13. tel: (416) 586-8000;

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