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January 27, 2022
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It’s all in the wrist

The two airlines that just launched wearable boarding passes

AirBerlin and Spain’s Vueling Airlines are now accepting boarding passes on smart watches. Great news for, say, the five people who own one. Don’t get us wrong; mobile boarding passes mean one less document to worry about dropping as you dart through the airport because there was traffic — or because you dallied too long at the souvenir shops. Whatever. Boarding passes on Smartphones strike us as enough, but AirBerlin’s itty-bitty barcode is now viewable (via AirBerlin’s iPhone app) on Pebble Smartwatches that have been synchronized with smartphones. Vueling’s barcode will be viewable (via its Google Play app) on Sony’s SmartWatch 2.

This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm rates and details directly with the companies in question.


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