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October 20, 2021
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For kids only

Lonely Planet’s new “Cool-Stuff-to-Know” series is “Not-for-Parents,” unless, that is, you like answering questions like “Would you want to eat jellied eels?” “If you were a cat why would you want to live in Rome?” and “Which lady moved to New York from Paris in 350 pieces?” The illustrated, five-book travel series for kids aged eight to 11 launched last month with 100-page titles devoted to London, New York, Paris and Rome as well as one 200-page Travel Book with maps and essential info (capital city, flag, lingo) on every country in the world. Far from a typical guidebook with answers to boring adult questions like “How far is the hotel from the airport?” and “Where can I get a good coffee?”, the small city books include cartoons, fun facts and trivia that give readers a sense of what a city is like, instead of telling them where to go. The city books are US$14.99; the world book US$19.99.

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