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January 19, 2022

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The method in the madness

Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum will reopen on May 1 following a eight-month closure for reno work and its inaugural exhibit will really be something. Van Gogh at Work, through January 14, 2014, marks the end of eight years of research into the Dutch artist’s working methods. The largely chronological exhibit will let visitors see what materials he used and where he bought them, under what conditions he worked and which artists influenced him. Two hundred pieces will be on display, including 150 paintings — many by Van Gogh, others by his contemporaries — as well as Van Gogh’s original sketchbooks, paint tubes and only surviving palette. Visitors will even get to use a microscope to see grains of sand in the works Van Gogh painted outdoors. There will also be themes. Recycling painting, for example, will show that the painter recycled canvases when he was short of money. He’d paint over earlier pictures or on the backs of canvases; sometimes cracks formed because he was too impatient to let the paint dry. Adults $20; under 17 free.

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