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October 23, 2021

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Sam Phan Bok canyon, Thailand.

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No money, no problem?

In spite of perennially gloomy economic reports, international tourism has jumped an unexpected five percent in 2013, according to the UN World Tourism Organization. There have been a total of 747 million arrivals this year to date, compared to 709 million in the same period last year. Europe led the way with 20 million more arrivals, a gain of five percent. Asia and the Pacific likewise posted strong gains, while tourism in North America grew more slowly, and mostly in the US. Thailand had the biggest year-over-year gain of any country, with some 27 percent more visitors, followed by China and Turkey. Spending was driven by tourists from China, Brazil and Russia, with Western Europe, Australia and the US either spending about the same amount or less than the year before. In typical modest fashion, Canadian spending rose four percent.

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