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October 20, 2021
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NYC’s hot new ride

Will yellow NV200 minibuses become as iconic as NYC’s yellow Crown Victoria cabs have? We’ll soon find out. Car-giant Ford ceased production of the ageing, gas-guzzling sedans at the end of 2011, so 13,000 Nissan minibuses will roll into the city as taxis within the next two years. Beauties the bubble-shaped buses are not, but they’re practical and easier on the environment. The NV200 features “extra-light, easy-to-open” sliding doors, “anti-bacterial, non-stick” seats, and passenger climate controls and charging stations: one regular outlet and two USB ports. The bus also features a panoramic sunroof so out-of-towners can ogle the city’s skyline. Its fuel consumption is far lower than that of the Crown Victoria; 25 miles per gallon rather than 10 (or about 10 kilometres per litre rather than four). It’s design, however, neglects the wheelchair bound, possibly a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and some cabbies are worried about obtaining parts for the Mexican-made vehicles. Regardless, the minibuses will be the city’s exclusive taxicabs for the next 10 years beginning in late 2013.

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