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October 25, 2021

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The new language of love?

“Do you speak touriste?” That’s the question the Paris Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce is putting to hundreds of taxi drivers, waiters, hotel managers and sales people in a city that sometimes described as, how do you say, surly? If a shopkeeper turns his or her nose up to the question, they’ll get a quick 101 on how to have a more welcoming demeanour with help from a booklet and website that’ll also provide cultural insight into the many foreign visitors the region gets every year. explains that Americans are “technophiles” who depend on smartphones and Wi-Fi for information. It also notes that they like fast, but personalized service, and that they dine at 6PM. Spaniards, in contrast, are said to be late eaters who chow down after 9 PM; it’s a good idea, therefore, to warn them about closing times. Of the Japanese, the site notes that bows are more common than handshakes, that cleanliness is important to them and that they’ll never complain when they’re unsatisfied — but will grumble when they get back home. The site says nothing of Canadians.

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