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December 6, 2021

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Peru’s vast new park

The new and final link in the Andes-Amazon Conservation Corridor

The 1.3 million-hectare Sierra del Divisor is the world’s newest national park. Located along the Peru-Brazil border in the heart of the Amazon Basin, it’s bigger than Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks combined. The final link in the Andes-Amazon Conservation Corridor — now 27 million hectares, larger than the total land and sea area of the United Kingdom — the park’s waterfalls, rivers and jungles have some of the highest levels of biodiversity recorded on the planet. Over 550 bird species, 120 mammals and nearly 80 amphibians have been documented within the borders of the reserve as have several rare or endemic species including Red uakari monkeys, South American tapirs and jaguars. Described by the Rainforest Trust as one of the Amazon’s “last true wildernesses,” the park is largely unexplored and may contain unrecorded or undiscovered species. Dozens of indigenous communities live in the park too, including the Iskonawa, a tribe of 300 to 400 who reside in voluntary isolation.

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