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October 23, 2021

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Saving face

Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age on now at the Hermitage Amsterdam

You’ve got until the end of 2016 to see Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age on now at the Hermitage Amsterdam. The exhibit features 30 big paintings dating from the 17th century that are rarely seen. The largest canvas measures 3 by 6 metres. Drawn from the Amsterdam Museum and Rijksmuseum, the pieces are the “brothers and sisters” of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. The rest of Europe was governed by rulers and church officials then, but the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands was run by the bourgeoisie who are the civic guards, regents and regentesses in the paintings. They managed the city and country, trade, defence and even developments in science making the Republic one of the most powerful and prosperous at the time. The administration of some care and disciplinary institutions even included (gasp!) women. Adults €15; kids 6 to 16 €5.

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