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October 26, 2021


Taipei, Taiwan.

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Taiwan for the win

The best places for expats to work and play

Dreaming of living and working abroad? A new survey by InterNations, a resource for expats with 2.5 million members, revealed that Taiwan is the best place to work and play overall. The island nation 180 kilometres east of China took the top spot ahead of 67 other destinations. More than 14,000 expats took part in the survey representing 174 nationalities and 191 nations. The survey considered things like climate and weather, medical care, availability/cost of housing, childcare and education, job security, work-life balance, transportation, wellbeing and safety, the friendliness of locals and more. Taiwan ranks particularly high in work satisfaction, quality of medical care and friendliness. Malta came in second overall; it ranks high in good weather, feeling welcome, ease of making friends and where expats are most in love. Finland (32nd overall) scored extremely high in education; Canada is 12th overall. For more, including infographics of the most interesting results:

Top expat destinations overall
1. Taiwan
2. Malta
3. Ecuador
4. Mexico
5. New Zealand
6. Costa Rica
7. Australia
8. Austria
9. Luxemburg
10. Czech Republic

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