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October 28, 2021
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The germiest places in the world

These attractions make you think you'd be better off staying home

H1N1 has a lot of us packing the Purell this season. But what is it about travel that makes us throw this kind of vigilance out the window? Don’t think you do? has compiled a list of the germiest tourist attractions worldwide, thanks to, well, us travellers. While their list is by no means scientific, it’s enough to make us leave some of the sightseeing to someone else.

1. Blarney Stone in Blarney, Ireland Apparently, 400,000 mouths kissed the stone for the “gift of eloquence” last year. If yours was among them, you should wash your mouth out with soap.

2. Gum Wall at Market Theater in Seattle, WA Really, what is there to do but stick your gum to the wall while waiting for a show? Nothing. That’s why the wall is four metres high by 15 wide.

3. Oscar Wilde’s Tomb in Paris, France The tomb in Père Lachaise Cemetery is covered in lipstick. As TripAdvisor put it, “isn’t there a cleaner way to show your literary appreciation?”

4. Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy Would you stand in, say, Nathan Phillips Square in TO with a bag of corn and let bacteria-infested pigeons land on you? Then why do it in Venice?

5. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA Do you really want to know how big Clint Eastwood’s hands are enough to touch the ground that 4.5 million visitors have walked on?

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