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October 23, 2021
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Who needs Rome when you've got Winnipeg

The Masonic Mysteries Tour

For a daytrip like none other (really), forego the froufrou hotels, restaurants and spas this year for (surprise!) the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg. All joking aside, the handsome, H-shaped structure is dripping with mythical and religious symbols certainly deserving of a family jaunt. Although the symbols are visible, they’ve been largely overlooked for almost 100 years… until recently.

It all began when Frank Albo, an expert in ancient Eastern religions and Western esoteric traditions, noticed the pair of sphinxes near the entrance’s pediment. After getting the A-OK to examine them, he found Egyptian symbols on each, and that got his investigative mind rolling.

From there, he found that A) the Golden Boy atop the cupola is in fact Hermes, the Greek messenger of the Gods; B) the Greek Ionic columns supporting the pediment are positioned according to the “golden ratio” of height against width; C) there’s an altar-like balustrade in the Legislature directly below the Golden Boy; below it is the Pool of the Black Star, which is only one degree off the longitudinal midpoint of Canada. It’s also where all of the building’s sounds are caught, distorted and magnified. Who knew?

If you want to check out the Christian, Egyptian, Greek and even Freemason mythology yourself, the Legislature is open daily from 8am to 8pm. Guided tours are available in summer. (204) 945-3636; . For Albo’s Masonic Mysteries Tour (again, summer only), go to , or read his book The Hermetic Code.

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