Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

December 8, 2021



An apple a day keeps asthma away

More and more clients are showing up at my office with asthma. Recently, a new study done at ...

Who's more likely to gain weight?

In March, the first Learning Retreat on the Principles and Practices of Interdisciplinary Management of Obesity for Dietitians ...

Can your diet be too healthy?

While doctors encourage patients to adopt healthy eating habits to help ward off the likes of high blood ...

Make any recipe healthy

Look first at the serving size. Recipes from the original Joy of Cooking often served eight people whereas ...

Food to fight the flu?


Thought for food

How we eat and what it does to our waistline

The ingredients of an Asian diet

Graphs that show the incidence of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and certain cancers often show the same ...

Obesity — it’s all in the family

Adolescent obesity in Canada has tripled in 25 years. According to the 2004 Canadian Community Health Survey, 26 ...

Nutritional news bites

Headaches and migraines A study in Norway suggests that people with occasional headaches were more likely to consume ...

All-inclusive eating

Come back the same size

Lunchbox essentials

What every brown bagger should have

Healthy chips? Too good to be true?

Snack-food companies have joined the quest for health. In case you haven’t noticed, “chippie” has evolved and the ...

The healthiest fast food

People complain that dietitians are always changing their minds about which foods are good for you. Yes, but ...