Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

May 7, 2021



Spinach-matzo lasagna

A unique main to serve during Passover's weeklong bread ban

Cauliflower and chickpea soup

This soup is healthy and great for lunches. The fenugreek and coriander add flavour.

Grilled prawns with garlic-fennel dip

This appetizer is so good, don't be surprised if guests lick up the last of the roasted garlic-fennel dip!

Spiced lamb

In this dish, spices are paired with a sweet mango sauce and the result is delicious

Polenta pizza with chicken and asiago

A one-of-a-kind pie that features a wheat-free crust

Red Thai curry chicken

This recipe calls for a modest amount of curry paste; if you like “the heat” add more

Vietnamese-style chicken and rice noodle bowl

This soup features a mix of raw veggies and pieces of rotisserie bird

Borscht with beef

This lovely soup is colourful -- and thifty

Salad Olivier

This Russian salad is a staple at special occasions

Salmon-filled rasstegai

These open pirogies are generally served as a side with soup

Cod-stuffed cabbage rolls with dill sauce

A nontraditional north-German pairing of cabbage and fish

Duck, barley and mushroom soup

A cool-weather duck and barley dish that has a bold personality

Green bean salad

A combo of fresh and high-quality canned beans, and a bold dressing

Chicken pot pies

When asked to choose a favorite comfort food, chicken pot pies are often at the top of the list

Saffron rice pilaf with lamb meatballs

Easy and different is the best way to describe this casserole