Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

August 8, 2020

Jerusalem artichoke

What: A tuber that resembles ginger root and is about the same size and consistency. Usually pale brown or white and reddish. Also called sunchoke, sunroot and earth apple. It grows a metre to two metres with jagged leaves and a yellow flower.

Where: Are cultivated and also grow wild in eastern North America, considered a pest by some farmers. A perennial, they thrive in any garden but care must be taken to see they don't take over.

When: Available all year, especially in health food stores, and are stored like potatoes.

Why: They have a bland taste similar to, but sweeter than, a potato. Raw, they can be peeled, sliced and added to salads. They can also be boiled and served as a potato substitute. When boiled, they stay very firm for a long while and then suddenly soften.

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