Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

May 31, 2020

Carry on carrying on

Here’s a bag for the traveller who really just wants to have fun. You know the type: someone who experiences as much of a city as possible, despite bad weather and time restrictions. Or maybe this someone is seriously active — perhaps a walker, a kayaker or biker? The ingenious Carry-On Zip made by Hummingbird is designed for the light-travelling practically-minded frequent flyer who hates bells, whistles and pockets. The bag meets any worldwide carry-on requirement despite its large size. And because it is basically a large, strong bag, it can swallow a small mountain of clothing and gear. Above all else, your business suit and conference papers will be completely protected thanks to super welded seams, a fully waterproof zipper and tough, vinyl material weighing just over 500 grams. Know anyone about to visit India during monsoon season? Bet they’d love one of these. $139.95. [AS]

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