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October 16, 2021

Food Trends

Food Trends

Beekeeping for more than just honey

It’s hip to care for bees these days -- and not just for the honey. Toronto architect Paul ...

Bug off

Mosquito repellents you can eat and drink — and use to make any feline merry

Crack one open

Canada's top oyster shucker shares his picks for the country's tastiest bivalves

Wild at heart

For bakers and winemakers, uncultured yeast has become the holy grail

A taste of the exotic

Seven unusual fruits and vegetables that you should try this spring

One Bottle: Ice cidre

Hockey and ice wine, it’s the perfect Canadian pairing. Of course, unlike hockey we can’t lay claim to ...

Black garlic oozes into Canada

Kimchi, a spicy Korean preparation of fermented cabbage, never really caught on on this side of the Pacific. ...

High on heirloom tomatoes

It’s time to think about what you’re going to plant in your garden. This year you might consider ...

Canada’s gold

Is organic canola oil the country’s newest foodie gem?

Lock horns in Alberta

Taste Canada right off the field

Forage in Cape Breton

Taste Canada right off the field

Toronto’s secret “anti-restaurant”

There are no burgers at Charlie’s Burgers. There doesn’t appear to be any Charlie either. It has no ...

Taking the upper crust

How Neapolitan pizza got its own protected status

What’s a beavertail?

Describing a “beavertail,” a fried pastry that resembles the appendage of a familiar amphibious mammal, will never do ...

Where to eat when in Edmonton

Dr Agnieszka Wojciechowski gets some German comfort food at this breakfast hot spot Every weekend, my husband and ...